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Family Practice Associates of Upper Dublin

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we realize the need for continuing medical services for our patients, especially during the nationwide directive to stay home.

NOTE: For all TeleMed visits, please log in 5-10 minutes early to ensure your laptop/smartphone is compatible, and also to allow time to answer the questionnaire.

What is TeleMed?

TeleMed is a virtual video visit with a provider utilizing your Healow app or through the Healow website. It is a live interaction with a provider utilizing the camera on your smartphone or computer/laptop device.

How do I get signed up?

All web-enabled patients in our practice have the capability of engaging in a TeleMed visit. Call our office at 215-646-1686 during normal business hours and one of our trained staff will help get your started. You can also utilize the Patient Portal to request an appointment.

What times do you offer these visits?

We will be offering these visits during regular business hours.

Is my provider also doing TeleMed visits?

All providers at FPUD will be capable of doing TeleMed visits.

Do I need to pay a copay for these visits

Depending on your insurance copay amounts and regulations, you will be responsible for paying a copay. As we continue to move forward and get more information from each individual insurance company, we will then be able to identify exact amounts.

I am a new patient to the practice. Can I also sign up for a TeleMed visit?

Yes, new patients to our practice will be able to take advantage of our new feature.

What are the requirements to have a TeleMed visit?


  • Laptop or computer with video capabilities and microphone
  • An appointment (Call us to set up an appointment)

What types of visits can be done via TeleMed?

TeleMed visits are ideal for follow-up appointments, Medicare wellness screenings, and certain sick visits that do not require a hands-on examination. If required, we will continue to provide appointments at our office during regular business hours.

How do I connect? I am having issues….

A detailed PDF document is available below for instructions on how to connect via your confirmation email, your patient portal, or through your smartphone.
Instructions for TeleMed Visits